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Click on the videos below to learn more about Earl Young’s personal journey fighting blood cancer and Earl Young’s Team.

Earl Young joins VIP’s Casey Hasten in a discussion about Earl Young’s Team Foundation

Earl Young Meets Bone Marrow Donor

Casting for a Hero

Earl Young Meets Bone Marrow Donor

Introducing Earl Young’s Team

ACU – How To Start A Drive 1

You Can Save A Life

Earl Young’s Team: Medical City Hospital

How Would it Feel to Save a Life?

A Life Golden

Earl Young’s Story

An Opportunity to Act


“Because I Care”

Please take the time to listen to “Because I Care” by John Secord. This song captures the heart of our message.

Rights to use the song, “Because I Care”, made possible by Because I Care, a donor recruitment group in Longview, TX.

Chris Kirklin, Abilene Christian University student
Match and Donor

Sermon clip from Wade Hodges, Minister at Preston Road Church of Christ